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Videopage, 2.4-inch Screen, Easy Switch, 256MB, 300mAh, DIY Version


Business Card Size Videocards are great for...

  • Sales personnel who would like to increase their conversion rates.
  • Entrepreneurs who would like to get funded by venture capitalists. 
  • Job-seekers who would like to get hired at their dream jobs. 
  • Couples who would like to give unique wedding gifts/invitations to family and friends. 
  • Single people who would like to impress their first dates. 
  • The list goes on... 


  • Business Card Size Packaging, 2.25 inch x 3.75 inch x 0.4 inch
  • Do-It-Yourself Videocard Template with up to 3 Customizable Surfaces
  • Choose among 3 Configurations: Flip-Cover, Lanyard, or Name-Tag 
  • TFT Color LCD Screen, 2.4-inch Display, 256MB Flash Memory
  • Playback of up to 2 Client-Provided Videos, Native AVI Format
  • Easy Switch, Built-in Speaker, 300mAh Li-Po Battery
  • Mini-USB Connectivity for Data Transfer and LiPo Battery Recharge 
  • See FAQ Instructions for Native AVI Format and File Transfer
  • 2.5 Feet Long Mini-USB Cable Included



Product Reviews

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  1. Very Cool!

    Posted by Bob K on Apr 6th 2018

    Saw this clever video player at Maker Faire. I'm impressed with the quick turnaround with help on converting videos!

  2. "Wow" factor

    Posted by Ryan H on May 25th 2016

    My startup needs investor funding to grow. The "wow" factor of this video business card will help me secure that funding. Startups are a dime a dozen in the Valley. This video business card makes Docszilla.com stand out from the rest of the cloud companies out here.

  3. Lot of potential

    Posted by John P on May 25th 2016

    I saw this at the Maker Faire Bay Area and I just had to get two. As an owner of a makerspace, I will use this as a marketing gimmick to highlight our machine services, classes, and projects. It's got a lot of potential.

  4. Fundraising Advantage

    Posted by Courtney L on May 25th 2016

    As a 501c(3) STEM organization director, fundraising is the most difficult task. Big donors are often swayed into different directions by multiple organizations. This small video business card is a way to attract the big donors. It gives us the advantage of showing what we have done and what we can do for the kids to convince donors, without the need to direct them to our website.