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Lay-Flat Videobook Printing, Custom Service


Be a VIP. The exclusive Video-Integrated-Print just for you, a Very Important Person!  

Lay-Flat Videobook Printing is the publication of your custom-designed book layout to a square image-wrapped hard-cover book with lay-flat pages integrated with a Videopage touchscreen display unit on the inside cover. You get a perfect Videobook keepsake that you'll enjoy for decades to come. 

Lay-flat pages incorporate new binding technology that allows your book to lay perfectly flat when open. The pictures can be full spread with high-quality lustre finish and extra durability. 

Note that this service includes printing of an existing photo layout, the Videopage, and transfer of existing videos to the Videopage for playback. If the photo layout and/or videos are not available, please call us at 858-776-5771 so we can schedule you with one of our creative designers. 

There are 3 book sizes to choose from: 

  • 8 inch x 8 inch book with Videopage 4.3 unit 
  • 10 inch x 10 inch book with Videopage 7.0 unit 
  • 12 inch x 12 inch book with Videopage 7.0 unit 

Additional charges apply if the book has more than 30 pages, about $3 to $5 per extra page. 

Product Videos

Videobook for Child { Photo Book + Videopage } 01:35

Videopage - a touchscreen video player - inside a photo book featuring a 4-year old child. With the Videopage, play back videos in your picture book at the turn of a page. Video4Books enhances the ways to cherish life's precious moments.

  • Videobook for ...
    Videopage - a touchscreen video player - inside a photo book f...
  • Videobook for ...
    Videopage - a touchscreen video player - inside a photo book f...

Product Reviews

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  1. Two Videopages/Videobooks for two martial artists

    Posted by Mor U on Sep 6th 2016

    My two sons earned their martial arts black belts. It took them four years each and during those times I took photos and videos at every belt test and tournaments. I felt the best way to commemorate their achievements is to make each one a Videobook of their martial arts journey to black belt. I chose this 2 unit package because it saved me $20 right off the bat. I like that I can put my own flash memory cards, which makes it easier to view the videos I've captured over a number of years. I'm so proud of them. Brings me to tears viewing their 10x10 videobooks because they have grown and matured so much in four years. I love them dearly!

  2. Keep[er] for a very long time

    Posted by Reeza N on Mar 5th 2016

    Tried Video4Books over Shutterfly. I don't like forever storing my pictures in a "cloud" server. Video4Books does not offer cloud storage for a good reason. I only shared my pictures with them so they can do their work. I used Google Drive temporarily, but once they've downloaded them, I could delete them off Google. It took a couple of reviews with Video4Books with the layout, but what I received in the end is what I will publish as a book that I will keep for a very long time.

  3. Lo recomiendo!!!

    Posted by Lydia C on Mar 5th 2016

    Me encanta Video4Books. Tenia un sin numero de fotos de mi ninio que habia tomado durante sus primeros 3 anios de vida pero por el poco tiempo que me queda despues de un dia ocupado me habia tomado mucho tiempo poner todas sus fotos en un albun. Conoci a Erwin y me pregunto si tenia un album con las fotos de mi ninio y definitivamente la respuesta fue "No" Erwin me explico de como el podia hacer un albun con las fotos de mi ninio y ademas agregar los videos que tuviera disponible. Se me hizo interesante porque tener todos los videos en un libro de cuanto mi ninio empezo a caminar o ha hablar era de mucha importancia para mi. Empezamos a seleccionar las fotos, el disenio y los colores de el album de fotos. Cuando estaba casi terminado, Erwin me mostro como habia convinado las fotos por las diferentes etapas que habia pasado mi ninio, por los momentos inolvidables que habiamos pasado como familia y quede impresionada. Hay planes de un segundo albun. Lo recomiendo!!!!

  4. Videobook turned out amazing!

    Posted by Katisha E on Feb 19th 2016

    I stumbled across this company while attending a craft show, and I am so glad that I did. Erwin was amazingly patient with me and my MULTITUDE of wedding photos. He took a complicated event (events on two different coasts and combining two different cultures) and pared it down to a beautifully designed memory. He created individual books for both sets of parents as well as for me and my husband that were all great hits. Unfortunately, due to unforeseeable issues, Erwin was unable to meet our original deadline for delivery of all the books, but he was excellent at keeping me in the loop regarding any delays and/or changes in the delivery schedule. And I can't be too mad considering how AMAZING they all turned out. This is something that I can share with my children and their children, etc. I would highly recommend this company to all of my friends!

  5. Fabulous job

    Posted by Monica Y on Feb 17th 2016

    It has been two years since my wedding and married life has been so busy. And then our baby was born and things kind of got a little out of control. Needless to say, in 2 years I've taken so, so, so many pictures!!! And videos!!! I stumbled upon Video4Books on Facebook and contacted them. First, I wanted to get my wedding photobook completed. Afterwards, if they're good then I'll have them do the baby book too. After speaking with Erwin at Video4Books, he got me convinced to go with the Lay-Flat Videobook, so he could custom-integrate a video player to the rest of the book. Imagine, I can playback my wedding videos in my wedding photobook! After several back-and-forth reviews with Erwin, my videobook is complete. It is so beautiful!!! My husband loves it. Our daughter plays with the Videopage all the time. I am sooo definitely ordering the ultimate again for her 1st year baby book. Fabulous job!!!