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EAT Productions Began Videopage Campaign

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EAT Productions, a technology start-up in the Inland Empire, is pleased to announce the launch of its Kickstarter campaign. Centered around the first production project of its flagship product called the Videopage, the 30-day campaign ends on January 13, 2013. The project site is www.kickstarter.com/projects/1263448739/videopage.

EAT Productions sets its funding goal to $8000 to cover the cost of materials, assembly, shipping, and labor. The company chose Kickstarter.com as its vehicle to get financing because it is one of the leading crowdfunding site in the nation. Kickstarter operates on an all-or-nothing funding concept. Its website states that "a project must reach its funding goal before time runs out or no money changes hands." This is not a typical fundraiser. For each amount pledged, the company will give a reward, ranging from a special song by a toddler for $2 to a picture book layout service for $150.

After 12 months of prototyping, iterating, and testing, the company is ready to mass-produce the Videopage. If the campaign for this project becomes successful, then EAT Productions intends to hire people to work on product assembly. Also, the company hopes to collaborate with a local small business with expertise in paper packaging design. This is a big milestone for our start-up. Being able to employ people is a way to give back to the community" says Erwin Taganas who founded EAT Productions in December 2011 with his wife Andrelee. Through mass production, the company is able to lower the production cost per unit. "These savings are generously passed on to the consumer by lowering the price of the Videopage by at least 50%" says Taganas.

The Videopage is a video player for a book. As a wonderful addition to photo albums, scrapbooks, and photo books, it plays back video clips at the turn of a page. "The Videopage is so original. At first, I though it had something to do with YouTube. But adding video playback capability to a photo book is very clever" says Lovellie Cimenski-Almogela who is the Director of Housing and Residential Life in CSU San Bernardino and an avid scrapbook maker. She and her family are featured in the first official commercial video of the company.