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About Us


In year 2011, Erwin had a problem with the videos of his firstborn child. For two years, these precious videos were scattered across numerous memory cards, two camera phones, and four digital cameras. Some videos were lucky to be archived on the computer but after a while they started to 'collect dust' figuratively speaking. While Erwin was putting together a photo book for his son, he needed to resurrect those action shots captured on video because photos weren't enough to express his baby's homecoming, first laugh, first words, first crawl, first walk, etc. In his research online, none of the photo book makers offered books with videos. (Still true at this time.) Also, creating DVDs has become cumbersome and DVD players were becoming obsolete.

Erwin toyed with the idea of assembling an MP4 player and embed that in the photobook. After several months of prototyping, he finally created the solution to the problem. He made for his son a photobook with an integrated Videopage, which is a touchscreen video player, to playback his videos inside the book. As he showed this device around to family and friends, he realized that other parents have the same problem too. The Videopage product gained traction, partner investments rolled in, and Video4Books LLC eventually formed. 


The mission of Video4Books is to enhance the ways to cherish life's precious moments. With video and print products and services, we aim to exceed expectations and enrich lives around the world.

Birth and baby's first years are precious moments. Parents give rave reviews highlighting how Videopage is the perfect complement to their DIY photobook projects. Video4Books quickly expanded its market to include weddings and milestone anniversaries, which are unequivocally precious events as well. Professional videographers find the Videopage as the best way to present the couples' videos for playback inside the wedding albums. Video4Books launched the Videobook as-a-service to help customers who have no time to compile their photos and videos in book form. As we all very well know, "time is precious."  

Our company responded to customers' desire to include videos in their on-going photo albums and scrapbooks. ViJournal albums are mass-market keepsake albums that allow customers to off-load videos from their smart phones/cameras and transfer them to the built-in video player while the rest of the photo album are in-progress. Parents love that they can show off videos of their children's sporting events, music recitals, and/or theatre performances while they complete and personalize their yearbooks. (Of course, social media is good for this activity, but it is probably sharing too much publicly. Making tangible, enduring books guarantee privacy.) 

Most recently, Video4Books launched the Videocard product line for personal marketing and corporate advertising. Job-seekers, romantic singles, and venture-capital hopefuls can make lasting impressions with the business-card sized Videocards. Small businesses, entrepreneurs, and sales personnel can build and enhance their corporate brand with awe-inspiring Videocard brochures and catalogs.

Video4Books continues to innovate and expand its portfolio to meet our customers current and future needs.   


Our company is composed of remarkable creative artists, with a combined experience of over 30 years in graphic design and branding. Our managing directoErwin formulates the company vision and oversees the projects of our talented group of project designers: Howan, Deborah, Kiko, and Celina. Videography service is conducted by Chris. Marketing and sales are staffed by the cheerful Andrelee, Eric, and Kaycee who are always eager to help customers with inquiries and tech support.

Of course, our customers are part of our team. We truly appreciate your feedback. For every product review you write through this site, we will deposit a $10 store credit in your account for your next purchase. For prospective buyers, please enter your contact info here to receive a coupon code for your first purchase.